IT Services

IT Audits and Consultancy


Title of service: IT Audits and Consultancy

Status of Document: This document lists and describes the services offered by OUCS with relation to IT Audits and similar consultancy services as of 2010.

1. Introduction

OUCS is funded to provide basic advice on various IT matters through its Help Centre, IT Support Staff Services, and general user support. However, OUCS is occasionally asked by a unit to perform larger consultancy tasks, in particular Audits of IT services within that unit. Such services are not covered by the basic infrastructure charge and are therefore deemed a 'premium' or chargeable service.

2. Summary of OUCS's Responsibilities

2.1. Hours of Service

N/A but all consultancy will take place within normal working hours.

2.2. Serviceability Targets

The timetable for deliverables will be agreed by the unit and OUCS at the outset .

2.3. Overview of Service

  1. OUCS will carry out IT audits and other consultancy services for a designated 'unit' within the University (e.g. a department, college, division, research institute). It does not offer this service to individuals (see Help Centre and Support for Research and E-learning Support for services tailored to helping individuals). This is but one of a wider range of chargeable services we offer.
  2. OUCS will hold a preliminary meeting (or meetings) with representatives from the unit to establish the scope and focus of the audit or consultancy. This preliminary meeting will be free of charge. We would expect this meeting to involve the head of the unit (e.g. Head of Department, Head of House, etc), the local IT Officer, and any other stakeholder nominated by the unit.
  3. After this OUCS will present a brief scoping document of the work it is suggested would be required, for agreement with the unit. This would estimate the amount of work deemed necessary and the hourly charge. A standard IT Audit for a unit (see below) will typically take up to 40 hours (but duration is very much dependent on the scope of the audit) and would currently be charged at £95 per hour (plus VAT for Colleges).
  4. IT Audits are typically aimed at:
    • technical aspects (e.g. of servers, desktop machines, software, security, network provision etc)
    • strategic aspects (e.g. unit requirements, IT governance, structures, decision-making)
    • Or a combination of the two.
  5. N.B. OUCS will only carry out audits of systems and services, it will not assess individuals. At any point if it is felt that the audit is more concerned with personnel issues OUCS reserves the right to withdraw from the process. If units feel this may be the case they should talk instead to the University's Personnel Services. Units are required to abide by the University IT Regulations and to comply with any relevant legislation
  6. At the end of the process OUCS will deliver a report as agreed at the preliminary meetings outlining its findings and recommendations to the unit sponsor (see below).

3. Summary of Client 's/Unit's responsibilities

3.1 The unit will name a local sponsor for OUCS to liaise with. This should be a key stakeholder involved in the process. They should also be available to comment on drafts of the report.

3.2 The local IT Support Officer must be involved in the process throughout.

3.3 The unit will provide administrative support for arranging interviews.

3.4 The final report will be sent to the Head of the unit.

4. Premium Services

This is a premium service and therefore all units will be charged for work.