Title of service: The OUCS Backup/Reinstall Service

Status of Document: This document lists and describes the services offered as of June 2011

1. Introduction

This is a chargeable service run by the OUCS Help Centre to assist users with non-working computers (PCs and Macintoshes) which have software or hardware problems beyond the scope of the OUCS help desk. The service includes two separate components:
  • Data Backup - where the condition of the hard drive permits, data is copied to external media
  • System Reinstall - where proof of a valid operating system licence can be provided, the hard disk is formatted and the licenced operating system is installed together with all required drivers, recommended system updates and the Sophos anti-virus package.

The service makes a non-refundable minimum labour charge which is deducted from the final bill for any work carried out, but remains with OUCS to cover the costs of administrative and diagnostic work if we are unable to recover any data. See www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/helpcentre/pcsupport/backup-reinstall.xml for an overview of charges for the service.

2. Summary of the Help Centre’s Responsibilities

Hours of Service

2.1 Machines can be submitted for this service during the normal help desk hours which can be found on the Help Centre web pages.

Serviceability Target

2.2 Turnround time for the work is typically 5 to 10 working days but depends on staff availability and the current job queue.

Overview of Service

Data Backup

2.3 Files (typically user documents, images, music etc.) are backed up from the client's hard drive onto external media - where possible an external hard drive provided by the customer, but CDs or DVDs can be used. Other backup media may be used by prior agreement. The basic charge includes the backup of data to a maximum of 4 CDs or 2 DVDs with the cost of the blank media being included in the charge. There is no reduction in cost for client-supplied backup media, but data can be backed up onto it up to the medias' capacity at no extra charge.

2.4 When using CDs or DVDs, OUCS will back up data beyond the limit for an extra charge calculated for each further set of 4CDs or 2 DVDs.

2.5 OUCS will, as far as possible, backup the files specified by the client, provided they are accessible when connecting their disk drive to a working machine. OUCS does not perform specialist hardware recovery procedures on unreadable hard disks.

System Reinstall

2.6 OUCS will erase and reformat the machine's main disk and install a fresh copy of the operating system provided there is proof of a valid licence.

2.7 Where the original Windows and driver disks cannot be supplied by the client, we will try to re-install using our own generic (English language) disks with the client's own licence key.

2.8 Where data is being backed up in conjunction with a reinstall, the data is stored temporarily and then replaced on the machine without CD/DVD generation.

2.9 Where possible, OUCS will install (and if necessary locate) any hardware drivers required.

2.10 OUCS will install current operating system service packs, together with the Sophos ant-virus software (unless otherwise requested).

2.11 If a hard disk proves too damaged for a system reinstall to be feasible, OUCS will contact the client to discuss the option of hard disk replacement.

3. Summary of Client’s responsibilities

3.1 The Client is responsible for:

  • Supplying proof of ownership of an original (e.g. Microsoft Windows) licence when using the reinstall service.
  • Reinstalling all application software (except Sophos Anit-virus) which was on the machine . The reinstall service does not include application software.
  • Clearly specifying whether data needs to the backed up and if so, which files are required.
  • Where possible, supplying the original Windows and driver disks.
  • If required, supplying an external hard disk or USB memory stick for storing backed up files.
  • Paying the minimum labour charge via the OUCS On-line Shop before submitting their machine for the service.
  • Paying for all chargeable work carried out via the OUCS On-line Shop before the equipment is returned.
  • Treating Help Centre staff with courtesy.

4. Premium Services

The OUCS Backup/Reinstall Service is a chargeable service - see rates and conditions at www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/helpcentre/pcsupport/backup-reinstall.xml

4.1 A discount is made on the combined charge where both backup and reinstall services are requested.

4.2 For a charge calculated per extra 4 CDs or 2 DVDs, the client can request more data to be backed up than the 9 GB maximum of the standard service. If the client provides their own external media, data can be backed up onto it up to the media's capacity at no extra charge.