Status of Document: This document lists and describes a premium service offered by ITLP.
Date: September 2011.

1. Introduction

The ITLP offers over 200 IT courses, in a programme open to all University members. As an additional service, most courses in the ITLP schedule can be offered as closed courses for groups of staff or students who are members of Oxford University. The ITLP can work with units around the University to help integrate a closed course with your existing teaching and staff development programmes.

2. Summary of OUCS’s Responsibilities

2.1. Hours of Service

Subject to the availability of teachers and facilities, closed courses can be delivered Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

2.2. Venue

Closed courses are normally delivered in the Thames Suite at OUCS. The suite has five purpose-designed IT teaching rooms. Our training rooms are flexible and equipped to support the diverse groups of learners within the University.

2.3. Overview of Service

A closed course can be organised for all members of the University: academics, staff, post-graduates and students. A closed course will be organised at a time to suit a particular group.

Closed courses are normally run with between 6 and 20 participants. For just a few people, one of the ITLP’s open courses may be more suitable.

Closed courses are offered to a group and do not include private tuition.

Closed courses are an addition to the ITLP’s open schedule of courses, therefore a charge is applied to recover reasonable operating costs and resources. The ITLP makes a single charge for your whole group. Some courses are delivered by external training partners and so incur extra costs, which will then form part of the closed course charge.

A closed course generally covers the same topics as its corresponding open version.

A course can be customised to meet the specific requirements of a group. There is a one-off charge for this customisation.

ITLP collects feedback from participants to gauge the effectiveness of the training.

Participants can get post-course support through our Computer 8 sessions.

Closed courses are subject to:

  • Availability of a suitable course in the ITLP programme
  • Availability of a suitable teacher or external training partner
  • Availability of a suitable teaching venue
  • Availability of the required/requested software and operating system
  • Sufficient time being available to carry out any necessary resource customisation
  • Agreement from the client to pay the course charge

3. Summary of Clients' responsibilities

3.1. Course Requestor

Carrying out their parts of the course booking process within the timescales stated.

Recruiting participants for the course and ensuring that they each use the ITLP booking system to book a place on the course.

Ensuring that participants have been adequately briefed about the course and that they have the required pre-requisite knowledge and/or have completed the pre-course tasks (if any).

Providing clear and accurate information needed for any agreed customisation of the course, and a timely response to any subsequent queries about the information.

Providing a purchase order in advance for the agreed course charge.

Notifying ITLP as soon as possible in the event of needing to cancel the course and paying any cancellation charge that may have been stipulated in the agreement.

Where it is to the mutual advantage of ITLP and the client, co-operating in ITLP’s writing of a short case study highlighting how the closed course contributed to the client’s work processes.

3.2. Course Participants

Course participants are required to abide by the University IT Regulations.

Course participants are required to agree to the ITLP’s closed course terms and conditions, including:

  • Using the ITLP booking system to book a place on the course
  • Ensuring that they have the prerequisite knowledge as set out in the course description. This may involve completing preparatory work ahead of the course.
  • Cancelling their booking using the online booking system if they cannot attend the course.
  • Advising ITLP in advance of any accessibility requirements.
  • Arriving 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time of the course to sign in.
  • Staying for the duration of the course unless otherwise agreed.
  • Adhering to OUCS health and safety procedures and policies.

4. Organising a closed course with the ITLP

Enquiries can be made using the Closed Course Enquiry Form at:

ITLP can also be contacted as follows:
Tel 01865 2 73200 (option 2)

ITLP aims to respond to enquiries about closed courses within 3 working days. ITLP will provide further information about the process of organising and delivering a closed course.

When details of a closed course have been finalised, an agreement between ITLP and the course requestor will be drawn up and signed. This agreement will set out timescales, deliverables and costs.