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Domain Registration

Title of Service: Domain Registration Services

Status of Document: This document describes services offered in July 2012.


1. Introduction

1.1 The University's online presence is primarily maintained under the domain. Each college or department will be assigned one or more subdomains of the form Additional subdomains of may be assigned upon request, subject to approval.

Some University activities may however require a presence under domains other than, for instance to protect trademarks or for use by a multi-institution project. IT Services authorise use of such domains on the University network, and can register and maintain these on behalf of the collegiate University.

1.2 Domain Registration services at IT Services are divided between between those for the domain and all other domain names.

Responsibility for assigning of subdomains within the domain lies with the IT Services Registration Manager, For details, please see

Responsibility for all other domains lies with the IT Services Domain Registration Manager, For details, please see

Management of DNS records within a domain hosted on the IT Services DNS infrastructure may be delegated to the appropriate IT support staff, or may require manual intervention by IT Services staff. For more details, please see the Domain Name System Service.

2. Summary of IT Services' responsibilities

Hours of Service

2.1 The service operates during normal office hours.

Serviceability Targets

2.2 Email queries should normally receive a response within three working days. Owing to limited resourcing of this service, response times may be longer when key staff are absent, but IT Services will aim to acknowledge requests and to give an estimate of when a more detailed response may be possible.

2.3 Customers should expect to receive a minimum of two months' notice of impending domain expiry, subject to IT Services having correct contact details for the domain owner.


2.4 Not applicable.

Alternative Facilities

2.5 Not applicable.

Hardware and Software Maintenance

2.6 Not applicable.

System Development

2.7 Not applicable.

Administration and Support

2.8 For domains, information is given at ( domains) while support is available by mailing

2.9 For domains, information is given at while support is available by mailing

2.10 Any requests for changes to DNS entries should be requested through the appropriate college or departmental IT staff. Changes not possible via the self-managed web interface should be requested by mailing

3. Education and Training

3.1 Not applicable. Documentation and other material is available online, while occasional announcements may be made through the mailing list

4. Summary of client's responsibilities

4.1 Domain names are provisioned in line with the DNS Naming Policy. In particular, head of unit approval is required before a request for any new domain (University or external) or domain transfer can be fulfilled. Use of any domain name must be in compliance with the University's Regulations Relating to the use of Information Technology Facilities and Trademark and Domain Name Policy. Usage must also comply with the international standards on which the Domain Name Service is based, and such policies as may be imposed by the domain registries and registrars concerned.

4.2 It is vital that IT Services can easily trace those responsible for a domain when it is due for renewal, or in the event of any problems (such as a security incident). Domain owners should therefore ensure that IT Services have correct contact details on file, regardless of changes of responsibilities or the staff involved. Bear in mind that domain registration terms may be as long as ten years.

4.3 Domain owners should acknowledge receipt of renewal notifications and ensure that they can be dealt with in a timely manner.

4.4 A purchase order is required before any domain can be ordered or renewed; this should either be through the University financial system or where appropriate through the college's system. These should be received as per IT Services instructions.

4.5 Any additional cost incurred by IT Services as part of maintaining a domain name (for instance late renewal fees or transfer charges) will be passed on to the the domain owner.

4.6 Domain owners must be aware that many changes cannot occur instantaneously. Certain timescales are determined through the heavy use of caching inherent in the global Domain Name System; others exist owing to registry policies. Adequate notice should therefore be given of any time-critical change.
Minimum notice periods for such changes are as follows: If less notice is given, IT Services may proceed on a reasonable-efforts basis but the domain owner should be aware of the risks of doing so.

5. Premium services

5.1 Not applicable.