IT Services

Guidelines on Interaction between the IT Services Helpcentre and College (and Permanent Private Hall) IT Support provision

As agreed at the Colleges' ICT Committee on 10th May 2011, edited Sept 2012 to reflect IT Services merger

The University of Oxford has an agreed and devolved IT Support model whereby support for end users should be provided in the first instance by IT staff employed by Colleges or (non-central) Departments. Some units may use contractors rather than employees to provide IT support. Practice inevitably varies around the Collegiate University so this note is intended to provide guidelines on what is and is not expected of College IT departments and how they should interact with the Helpcentre and Helpdesk at IT Services on Banbury Road. Reference to College in this document should also be taken to include Permanent Private Halls (PPHs).

IT Services has a standard ‘boilerplate’ text that goes on all user-facing documents that reads: ‘ Your primary support for IT issues comes from your department or college. Your first port of call for questions or advice should always be your local IT support. ’ And this should indeed be the guiding principle for College IT Staff.

It should always be borne in mind that there are some ‘local’ College IT matters where IT Services simply cannot help because it doesn't have the access or knowledge. Sending users to the Helpcentre in such situations creates a bad user experience and a bad impression of the College and University to that user and therefore should be avoided.

The IT Services Helpcentre at Banbury Road should be considered as a backup to College IT Support rather than an alternative to appropriate and sufficient IT Support resource provision from the College. College practices that have been seen that might be considered acceptable include (but are not limited to):

College practices that have been seen that might be considered unacceptable include (but are not limited to):

In any cases of doubt, College IT Staff are encouraged to contact IT Support Staff Services or the Helpcentre Manager ( for guidance and advice.