IT Services

OUCS Service Catalogue

The following catalogues the key services that OUCS supports and delivers to the collegiate University. Each links to the current Service Level Description outlining the service, OUCS's responsibilities (hours of service, targets, resilience, support, training, etc), the client's responsibilities ('client' is defined separately for each service but usually means either the individual user or a department/faculty/college/unit), and any 'premium' services (i.e. services above and beyond the free provision which can be paid for). It is envisaged that these SLDs will be reviewed on an annual basis with divisional and collegiate representatives, and will be monitored and reported on in future Annual Reports.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Services

Network Security

Network Applications

Identity and Access Management Services

Data Storage, Backup, and Archiving Services

Shared Infrastructure Services

Mail Infrastructure Services

Mail and Groupware Services

Information Services (Infrastructure and Development)

User Support Services

Teaching, Learning and Professional Development Support

Research Support

Consultancy Services

Other Major Services