Title of service: Information and Support Group Development Team (InfoDev)

Status of Document: This document lists and describes the services provided by InfoDev in February 2012

1. Introduction

The Information and Support Group Development Team (InfoDev) is a core service within the Information Services Group to help in the development and management of digital information and materials. InfoDev provides data solutions, web projects, and research support and advice to OUCS, to the University, and also to external clients. This covers a wide variety of activities including the creation, management, analysis, visualisation and publication of digital information of all sorts. InfoDev incorporates several specialist teams within OUCS, including the Web Design Consultancy and Research Technology services.

2. Summary of InfoDev's responsibilities

Hours of Service

2.1 The service operates 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding University holidays.

Overview of Service

2.2 InfoDev offers advice on research development, data solutions, and web site best practice. InfoDev can meet with clients to discuss their requirements, clarify the scope of a project and advise on strategies for meeting those requirements. InfoDev also makes Web Design resources available on the website: http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/webdesign/resources.xml.

2.3 InfoDev undertakes various data solutions, web design, and research projects on a paid basis (see Premium Services below)

3. Summary of client's responsibilities

3.1 InfoDev team will work together with clients to clearly define project requirements. This requires intensive input from both parties at regular meetings.

3.2 Clients are expected to meet any mutually agreed project deadlines regarding their role in the project (for example the supplying of content and provision of feedback). Failure to do so may result in delays for both their project and those of other clients of the InfoDev.

3.3 Clients are expected to be as clear as possible about the requirements of their project. Alterations to the scope and requirement of project once in progress can lead to significant disruption, resulting in increased design and development time and cost.

3.4 InfoDev team will be able to provide an initial consultancy meeting (c. 1 hour) and a follow-up meeting (c. 30 minutes) free of charge. After that it reserves the right to charge for its time.

4. Premium Services

4.1 InfoDev will also undertake data solutions, web design, and research projects on a charged basis. InfoDev uses in-house and external designers to meet the needs of clients.

4.2 InfoDev will undertake the project management of data solutions, web design, and research projects on a charged basis. Charges will be levied on a not-for-profit basis according to the charging policy.