Title of service: Information Services (IS)

Status of Document: This document lists and describes the services provided by Information Services in May 2009

1. Introduction

Information Services manages OUCS's web sites in order to provide a platform on which other OUCS staff can reliably and effectively document and advertise their work, and on which users can easily locate the information they require.

IS work is relevant to the following parts of OUCS's mission:

  • to promote effective communication throughout the University IT community.
  • to contribute to the University's wide range of IT training and relevant training resources.

2. Summary of OUCS's Responsibilities

Hours of Service

2.1 The service operates 9 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday to Friday.

Serviceability Targets

2.2 Web sites will be kept up to date and all material reviewed at least once a year.

2.3 Web services run by Information Services (including OXITEMS, course booking and reporting system, feedback forms, search forms, and stylesheets) will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In the event of failure, web services will be available again within 4 hours (during the hours of service), if the fault is within the realm of Information Services.

2.4 If web sites or services fail because of server problems, Information Services will report the issue to OUCS's system development within 4 working period hours, and assist with solving the problem.

2.5 The service aims for all email queries to receive a response from a staff member within three working days.

2.6 The service aims for new staff in OUCS to receive training on the internal systems during their first three months.

2.7 The service will meet local and national requirements regarding accessibility of web pages, conform to technical open standards for its web sites, and endeavour to produce attractively-designed material.

Services provided

2.8 Information Services manages the public web sites www.oucs.ox.ac.uk, welcometoit.ox.ac.uk and www.ict.ox.ac.uk, the wiki sites on wiki.oucs.ox.ac.uk, and sites for external projects which use the OUCS XML-based system.

2.9 Information Services maintains dynamic web services, including OXITEMS, the course booking system, and feedback forms.

2.10 Information Services manages the visitor display screens in OUCS reception and ensures the information is timely.

2.11 Information Services works with other OUCS staff to deliver a reliable web service and assist them to create content.

2.12 Information Services advises and assists other departments within the university about web standards, and partakes in national conferences and forums to ensure that OUCS' services meet norms in higher education.

2.13 Information Services manages the Google Search Appliance which provides a search service for all university web sites.

2.14 Information Services manages the production and editing of the OUCS Annual Report.

Education & Training

2.13 Information Services will contribute to the IT Learning Programme in appropriate areas as requested by the ITLP manager.

2.14 Information Services will offer internal training to OUCS staff at least once a term.

3. Summary of Clients' responsibilities

3.1 Users of the OUCS web services are required to abide by the University IT Regulations and to comply with any relevant legislation.

3.2 Users of OUCS web sites should not base financial, or health and safety, decisions on the information provided thereon.

3.3 All communications from Information Services staff will be polite and helpful, and we expect communications from clients to be similarly professional.

4. Premium Services

4.1 Information Services manages web sites for externally-funded services or other departments on a contract basis.