Title of Service: Mirror

Status of Document: This document describes service offered from June 2011.

1. Introduction

The mirror service supports various IT operations by providing local copies ("mirrors") of selected software sites and other internet repositories. Local mirrors typically offer fast downloads, do not depend on the availability of networks beyond Oxford, and reduce the load placed on our JANET connection and the source sites.

The service currently carries several popular Linux distributions and a number of open source software projects including CPAN and CTAN. It is intended to carry primarily technical resources, however non-technical sites may be mirrored if there is demand.

This service is owned by the Systems Development and Support Section Manager and the service in its current form has been available since 1999.

A full service description is available from http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/services/mirror/.

1.1. User Support

User support for the service is provided through a combination of local IT Support (via local ITSS) and OUCS.

Users should seek support from their local ITSS in the first instance. Local ITSS may refer a user to OUCS, or contact OUCS on behalf of a user. Users and ITSS may always contact OUCS about any aspect of the service.

The initial point of contact for user support at OUCS is the Help Centre - in person, by telephone, or using our contact form.

2. Summary of OUCS’s responsibilities

Hours of Service

2.1 The service is offered as follows:

  • 9am - 5pm on weekdays: the service operates with full technical support.
  • All other times: the service operates without technical support. Automated service monitoring will take place, and informal arrangements exist for staff to be notified of exceptions, however no funding is provided for contractual cover or guaranteed response.
  • Exclusions: service maintenance carried out during the JANET maintenance period (7am - 9am every Tuesday).

2.2 OUCS will commence investigation of reported faults within one hour when full technical support is available (provided that no similar fault is already being handled by the same team).

Service Level Targets

2.3 It is intended, as far as is possible, to maintain service availability at all times apart from exclusions listed under 2.1, however there are no formal targets.

Disaster Recovery

2.4 This service is classified as "critical" to University business and will be recovered as soon as possible after services that it depends upon have been recovered. Target recovery time is within 24 hours.

2.5 There is no backup of service data - in the event of data loss local copies of mirrored data will be automatically downloaded from the source site(s).

2.6 Data provided by the mirror service can be obtained from other mirrors or the source site in the event of extended disruption.

Administration and Support

2.7 OUCS is responsible for all service administration and service support.

2.8 Notification of scheduled maintenance, service disruption, and other information of general interest in relation to the service will be circulated on the itss-announce mailing list. Service status will normally be reported on http://status.ox.ac.uk/.

2.9 Support requests and fault reports relating to the service should be sent to the OUCS Help Desk.

3. Summary of client’s responsibilities

3.1 Users are responsible for ensuring that this service is suitable for their needs.

3.2 Use of this service is subject to, and implies, acceptance of any applicable regulations, including but not limited to:

3.3 Users should report any defect, malfunction, or performance degradation of the service promptly to enable remedial action to be taken.

4. Premium services

None applicable.