Title of Service: Network Systems Management Services (NSMS)

Status of Document: This document outlines the wide range of chargeable IT management services available from the NSMS team as of July 2010.

1. Introduction

NSMS are a team of IT professionals who, as part of OUCS, work throughout Oxford University, within departments, colleges and associated institutions.

They offer a wide range of chargeable IT services which are aimed specifically at IT officers in departments (which may or may not have an IT officer), colleges, associated institutions and any member of the University in need of specific IT services.

As a small team NSMS has the flexibility to act quickly. They aim to bridge the gap between what you want to achieve and what your time and resources allow.

Full details of all the services and SLDs are available at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/nsms/slas/

2. Overview of Services

Server Management
Windows, Linux, and Apple OS X server management is available.
Virtual Infrastructure Consultancy and Management
NSMS offers a consultancy and management service to support departments or colleges using virtualisation technology in their infrastructure.
VM for Rent Service
This service provides almost immediate access to a virtual machine running a server OS. Currently Linux (Red Hat, CentOS or Debian) and Windows (2003 or 2008 Server) are offered, with rental of the VM charged on a monthly basis. The customer has full management responsibility for the server being rented - NSMS will play no part in the server administration, beyond management of the virtual infrastructure supporting the server to ensure optimal availability of the resources that have been rented.
Workstation Management Service
NSMS offers a wide range of affordable services which aim to improve Windows and Mac OS X workstation security and to simplify their day to day administration.
Comprehensive Web Hosting
If you are one of the many University Departments and Colleges that host their Web sites on the OUCS Web servers, you may have wondered how best to implement more advanced options, without realizing that a more comprehensive Web service is also available from OUCS through the NSMS Comprehensive Web Hosting Service. Please note: In terms of facilities offered, this hosting service is the most comprehensive that is offered by OUCS. You may find it useful to look at the comparison of OUCS web hosting services page to help you decide which service is the most appropriate for you.
Firewall Service
Concerns about computer security dominate today's IT environment. But security is a broad subject encompassing many different areas. Properly securing a network involves the consideration of many aspects, and indeed the act of securing a network can never really be considered to be completed. It is an ongoing process.
IT Consultancy
In addition to the specific services listed NSMS also offers more general IT consultancy, covering all aspects of the use of IT within the collegiate University. Please contact nsms@oucs.ox.ac.uk for more details.
Storage rental
If your project or team needs more storage either short or long term, NSMS can offer you storage to suit your needs. NSMS storage rental offers a cost effective solution to additional storage, using proven iSCSI technology. This can be attached across the University network to your existing server, or to any NSMS Virtual Machine. This service is calculated on a per Gigabyte basis providing a fine grained approach allowing us to tailor the service for your needs. Please contact nsms@oucs.ox.ac.uk for more details.
Request Tracker Service
Request Tracker (RT) from BestPractical is an enterprise-grade ticketing system which enables diverse groups of people to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues, and requests submitted by a community of users. RT manages key tasks such as the identification, prioritization, assignment, resolution and notification required by enterprise-critical applications including help desk, project management, software development and CRM. RT has been in use for many years at OUCS as their helpdesk system, and is in use by many teams inside the Department for other uses.

The NSMS team provide a managed hosting platform for Request Tracker providing a range of services. In all cases the database backend of the service is managed by NSMS and backed up on a daily basis.

Security auditing
Understanding the exact nature of the security of your servers and their network environments can be a long and involved process. This can be even more complicated when your IT infrastructure has evolved over many years.
Windows Server Update Service
NSMS offers a Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) server which allows automated installation of critical updates for Windows 2000/XP and Microsoft Office. Please contact nsms@oucs.ox.ac.uk for more details.
Managed Apple OS X Services
The number of people using Apple Macintosh based OS X systems has increased dramatically throughout the University and the NSMS team provide a number of support services for these systems.
Centralised Purchasing
NSMS has many years of experience in configuring and installing new hardware and software in many sites throughout the University.

3. Premium services:

The charges for the service are all derived from a nominal hourly charge. Some of the services that are available have involved a significant extra commitment to training, equipment and other resources and this extra cost is reflected in a premium over the standard hourly charge.