Title of Service: OID (Object identifier) Registration

Status of Document: this document describes services offered at August 2012.

1. Introduction

OID (Object identifier) Registration provides a means of allocating OID numbers from a University of Oxford private enterprise number '11023' assigned by IANA. This service is available to registered ITSS only. The service is provide via the email address oids@rt.oucs.ox.ac.uk.

This service is owned by the Systems Development and Support Section Manager and has been available since at least 2006.

1.1. User Support

Advice about OID registration is available to ITSS, who should use the email address above to make any request.

2. Summary of IT Services' responsibilities

Hours of Service

The service is offered as follows:

  • 9am - 5pm on weekdays: requests for registrations and amendments will be processed.
  • All other times: there is no provision for out of hours registrations or amendments.

Service Level Targets

There are no formal targets, however we respond to most requests within 24 hours and usually complete registration within 3 days.

Disaster Recovery

This service is classified as "non-critical" to University business and will be recovered as soon as possible after all critical services have been recovered. This may take more than 72 hours.

Recovery will restore service availability and state to a point within the last 24 hours.

3. Summary of client’s responsibilities

Users are responsible for ensuring that this service is suitable for their needs.

Use of this service is subject to, and implies, acceptance of any applicable regulations, including but not limited to:

4. Premium services

None applicable.