Title of service: The Hardware Repair and Upgrade Service

Status of Document: This document lists and describes the service offered as of June 2011

1. Introduction

OUCS works in collaboration with Equinox Maintenance Limited to offer a repair and upgrade service primarily covering PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. It should be noted that this service augments the Computer Hardware Breakdown Service scheme which OUCS administers on behalf of the University, for which subscribers pay a small annual fee for onsite repairs performed by a commercial contractor.

A wide range of repair work is undertaken, often involving the replacement of faulty or damaged components including power supplies, hard disks, keyboards, mother boards etc. Upgrade work currently includes the fitting of hard disk drives, extra memory, DVD drives etc. A popular service is also the rescuing of data from an unrepairable machine by fitting the hard drive into and external USB enclosure, thus allowing it to function as an external hard drive. Peripheral devices such a printers and monitors are often not cost-effective to repair, although in individual cases a reasonably priced remedy is possible. We cannot carry out work on machines which are still under the manufacturer's warranty except in the case of Apple and Toshiba computers.

When carrying out Apple warranty repairs on computers owned by the University or its members, OUCS is working on behalf of Apple Sales International. The turn-around times for this service are detailed on the Apple Warranty Repair web page.

All work is carried out in a professionally equipped workshop either at OUCS or at Equinox Maintenance Limited's site in Tewkesbury. The service engineers include certified Apple repair engineers as well as staff with CompTIA+ certification for IBM compatible PCs.

The service charges a non-refundable minimum labour charge which is deducted from the final bill for any work carried out, but remains with OUCS to cover the costs for administrative and diagnostic work if the client decides not to proceed with the repair. Work is charged on the basis of inclusive standard rates for common repairs and upgrades (see www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/helpcentre/pcsupport/hardware-service.xml). Work which does not fall into these categories is charged on the basis of the cost of parts plus a variable charge relating to the amount of labour involved.

2. Summary of the Help Centre’s Responsibilities

Hours of Service

2.1 Enquiries about having equipment repaired or upgraded can be made at any time via an on-line form. Responses are made during regular office hours (9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday - Friday), generally within 2 working days.

Serviceability Target

2.2 We aim to respond to enquiries within 2 working days.

2.3 The turn-around times for standard repairs are detailed on the Hardware Repair web page.

2.4 The turn-around times for Apple Warranty Repairs are detailed on the corresponding web page.

Overview of Service

2.5 When a new hard drive is fitted or if a machine proves unrepairable, OUCS offers to provide our Backup/Reinstall service.

2.6 If the information provided on the Enquiry Form gives a strong indication that the repair would be uneconomical, OUCS will inform the owner prior to accepting the machine for investigation and repair.

2.7 All work is subject to standard terms and condition as described on our equipment receipt form.

2.8 When replying to the initial enquiry, OUCS will indicate if turn-around times are likely to be longer than those advertised.

2.9 We will take due care of equipment in our custody during repair work but cannot preclude the symptoms of faults worsening due to the natural progression of the problem or movement of parts as a machine is opened and disassembled for examination.

3. Summary of Client’s responsibilities

3.1 The Client is responsible for:

  • Disclosing the warranty status of their machine.
  • Providing all relevant information about the fault in their equipment, the symptoms which are apparent and any occurrences which could be relevant to the fault (liquid spillage, knocks to the equipment, exposure to extreme temperatures etc.)
  • Clearly specifying, if relevant, whether data needs to the backed up and if so, which files are required.
  • Paying the minimum labour charge before submitting their equipment for the service.
  • Collecting equipment in a timely manner once the work has been completed or a decision has been made not to proceed with the work. A charge may be incurred for the disposal of the equipment if it is not collected within 3 months.
  • Paying for all chargeable work carried out via the online shop Service Payment Centre before the equipment is returned.
  • Treating Help Centre staff with courtesy.

4. Premium Services

The Hardware Repair and Upgrade Service is a chargeable service - see rates and conditions at /helpcentre/pcsupport/hardware-service.xml