Title of Service: Computing Services Shop

Status of Document: This document describes the services available from the Oxford University Computing Services Online Shop as of June 2011.

1. Introduction

Oxford University Computing Services offers an Online Shop service for the purchase of software licenses and corresponding installation media packs. The online shop also provides a payment centre for a range of additional services provided elsewhere within the Department.

The Online Shop operates as a cost recovered service; all prices are set such that the staff costs involved are met by the surplus of income over expenditure.

2. Summary of the OUCS Shop's responsibilities

Hours of Service

2.1 The Online Shop Service is available to purchasers 24 hours a day as an all-year-round service. The shop staff can be contacted by phone or email between 9 am and 5 pm weekdays.

2.2 There are published dispatch times for orders which are sent via Royal Mail or the University Messenger Service. Customers may opt to collect their purchases from the Computing Services Reception Desk if preferred.

Overview of Service

2.3 Details of the service can be found at: www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/shop.

2.4 Registration and distribution of software site licenses and bulk discounted licenses in accordance with University and supplier agreements and restrictions.

2.5 Production and sales of software installation media packs

2.6 Payment Centre for chargeable services which include:
  • Hardware Repair and Upgrades
  • Data Backup and Reinstall Service
  • Colour Poster Printing Services
  • Nexus/Linux File Recovery
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server Licences

2.7 Individuals can pay for online goods and services by Credit or Debit Card.

2.8 Departmental Administrators and IT staff are able to register for an account allowing online purchases of goods and services via Oracle Financials Internal Trade.

2.9 College and associated institutions are able to register for an account allowing online purchase of goods and services via Purchase Order or by college credit or debit card.

2.10 Access to the Online Shop including complete pricing information is only available to computers directly connected to the University network or those connected utilising VPN software.

Administration and Support

2.11 Online Shop customer enquiries can be made by email or telephone. Contact details are available via the web-based contact page. Instructions on using the shop are available online.

2.12 The full range of products and services which are available to colleges, departments, associated institutes and individual University members via the Online Shop can be viewed within the Online Shop itself.

3. Summary of client’s responsibilities

3.1 Only members of the University of Oxford are eligible to use the Computing Services Online Shop. Clients are responsible for providing proof of Oxford University membership if they are requested to do so.

3.2 All software purchases are subject to authentication relating to usage rights. The client is responsible for providing authentication via the University Card in the case of individuals purchasing for themselves, or via the software card in the case of Departments and Colleges.

3.3 Customers, when purchasing installation media packs without a licence, may be requested to provide evidence of ownership of a qualifying software licence.

3.4 In cases where a refund is requested, the goods must be in pristine order and the client must provide proof of purchase in the form of an online receipt. Refunds are generally not possible for software purchases once the packaging has been opened.

3.4 Clients are expected to treat the Shop staff with courtesy

3.5 Clients are expected to comply with standard copyright law and to honour all restrictions arising from the license agreement on any software they purchase.

4. Premium Services