Status of Document: This document lists and describes a premium service offered by ITLP.
Date: November 2011.

1. Introduction

The Thames Suite at OUCS, 13 Banbury Road comprises five IT rooms which are available for hire by University departments and external organisations. This function is managed by the IT Learning Programme (ITLP). The rooms can be used for training courses, teaching, seminars, presentations, workshops and events.

2. Overview of Service

2.1. Overview of Service

Hire is available from Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm throughout the year. In term time, the Thames Suite is primarily used to deliver the ITLP schedule of courses.

2.2. Charges

Rooms are hired on an hourly basis. There is a range of charges depending on the type of course or event being booked. The applicable hourly rate will be advised when enquiries are made. Cancellation charges are also applicable. There is an additional charge for catering and other consumables.

2.3. Booking procedures

Booking of the Thames Suite is managed by the ITLP team. We aim to respond to booking requests within two working days of receipt of an enquiry.

An online booking form and full terms and conditions of use are available at:

2.4. Technical Support

Technical support for the rooms is provided by the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and NSMS teams.

2.5. Hospitality and event management

Refreshments and buffet lunches can be provided in our separate conference room facilities. Alternatively, we can arrange a restaurant style lunch at a local University venue.

We can also provide event management services including:

  • joining instructions
  • delegate registration
  • badges
  • consumables such as flip charts and printing

Details and pricing are provided on request.

2.6. Showcasing technology and room design

One of the responsibilities of the IT Learning Programme, as part of the Learning Technologies Group of OUCS, is to advise on the design of teaching spaces and the technology that can be used to enhance the learning and teaching processes.

As part of that responsibility the Thames Suite is available for visits by prior arrangement from interested parties, when a Learning Technologist can be available to explain the design and features of the Thames Suite.

Each room in the suite has a different design, and features include:

  • A variety of interactive digital whiteboards
  • Twin or triple projection systems
  • Voting systems
  • Classroom management software

3. Facilities

3.1. Overview

The Thames Suite comprises of five lecture rooms.

The Kennet room can be used for meetings and teaching for small groups. It can be arranged in many configurations. It has:

  • presenter's PC
  • dual projectors
  • interactive whiteboard
  • wireless access
  • whiteboard walls
  • desks for up to 10 delegates

The Evenlode, Isis, Windrush and Cherwell rooms have:

  • interactive whiteboards
  • dual or triple projection systems with matrix-switching equipment to direct the required images to the correct screens
  • wireless access
  • sound system
  • high-specification computers
  • accessibility features such as hearing loops and height adjustable desks

3.2. Room capacities

The layout of our rooms can be changed to suit the type of event. The rooms can be configured to accommodate 14 to 32 students at computers or audiences from 20 to 100 for lectures, presentations or conferences.

Cherwell (mac)

Evenlode (pc)

Isis (pc)

Kennet (pc)

Student computers 10 24 32 None 14
Presentation capacity 15 30 60-100 15 20

For detailed information see our Comparison table page.

Details and pricing are provided on request.

3.3. Accessibility

The OUCS building has ramped access and toilets are accessible to wheelchair users.

The Thames Suite is on the ground floor and all rooms have height adjustable tables and seating, and feature a hearing loop. All computers can be adjusted to suit specific requirements.

Parking can be arranged for delegates with disabilities.

3.4. Computers

All computers have internet access. Windows XP and Office applications are available as standard in Evenlode, Isis and Windrush and can be configured with Linux if required. The Mac OS is installed in the Cherwell room.

The presenters’ podiums each feature two networked computers connected to the projection system. Presenters can also connect their own laptop.

3.5. Software

The computers have a standard set of software installed. The software is chosen so as to support the courses delivered through the IT Learning Programme, and reflects the software commonly available in departments and Colleges across the University. The list of installed software is reviewed termly.

Access to test machines with the same configuration and software set as in the rooms is available by prior arrangement.

In some circumstances, by prior arrangement, it may be possible to load additional software on to the computers. This is subject to the procedures in the terms and conditions. Note that in particular, all software used in the rooms must be covered by a valid licence.

3.6. Maintenance and Development of the Thames Suite

The facilities in the Thames Suite are reviewed at termly meetings between the ITLP and representatives from NSMS and ICT.

The aim is to keep the facilities up to date for the benefit of the IT Learning Programme, users of the Thames Suite, and Departments and Colleges that need guidance on developing their own teaching spaces.

The computers and AV equipment are covered by a rolling replacement cycle, which is informed by local Learning Technologists in ITLP and LTG.

4. Summary of Clients' responsibilities

4.1. Room Hirer

All bookings made for the use of the Thames Suite at OUCS are accepted subject to the Terms and Conditions of use.

Room hirers are responsible for:

  • Carrying out their parts of the room hire process within the timescales stated
  • Providing clear and accurate information needed for room and event hospitality
  • Checking at the time of booking if the software and version they require is available
  • Providing a purchase order in advance for the agreed room hire charge
  • Notifying ITLP as soon as possible in the event of needing to cancel the room hire and paying any cancellation charge that may have been stipulated in the agreement

4.2. Delegates

Delegates are required to:

  • Abide by the University IT Regulations
  • Adhere to OUCS health and safety procedures and policies

5. Hiring the Thames Suite

5.1. Information about the Thames Suite

Comprehensive information and a virtual tour are available at:

5.2. Enquiries

Enquiries can be made using the Thames Suite Enquiry Form

ITLP can also be contacted as follows:

ITLP aims to respond to enquiries about the Thames Suite within 2 working days.