IT Services

Users of OUCS Services

User-based SLD (Staff [including college-only], Postgraduate, Undergraduate, IT Support Staff)

Status: This document lists the services available to each of the above user categories as of July 2010.


1. Introduction

Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS) offers a range of services to current and retired senior members of Oxford University, mostly free at the point of use. All the services listed below fall into this category, though some of them also offer a ‘premium service’ whereby additional functionality or facilities can be made available on a chargeable basis.

Categories of users are decided by the University Card Database and not by OUCS. Use of these services is governed by the University’s rules and guidelines on Computer Use (

2. Services available to all University members (including college-only staff)

(N.B. some card holders, e.g. Bodleian Readers' Card, will not get many of the services below)

These services are free at the point of use except for the premium services. All of these are covered by the service-based SLDs.

3. Additional Services available to Staff

(including College Staff, Departmental Staff, University Staff, visiting academics, and members of Congregation)

4. Additional Services available to Postgraduate Students

5. Additional Services available to Undergraduate Students

(including visiting students)

6. Additional Services available to IT Support Staff (including college IT staff)

IT Support Staff are able to register on the OUCS IT Support Staff register. Once registered they are entitled to the following services, in addition to all services available to non-IT staff. Most IT Support Staff-specific services are provided by the IT Support Staff Services section of OUCS.