Meet the Team

Dave Baker

Picture of Dave Baker

Senior Teaching and Learning Technologist

Dave is the Teaching Manager for the IT Learning Programme, and also manages the Apple Approved Training Centre for Education (AATCe). He has a particular interest in communication and design, and delivers courses and workshops on presentation skills, digital images, document design and web design. As a one-time programmer he is familiar with a number of programming languages and object-oriented analysis and design. Dave is a keen supporter of using technology in the classroom, and is always happy to demonstrate the finer points of using interactive whiteboards and allied technology.


Denise Cattell

Picture of Denise Cattell

Course and AECDL Support Officer

Denise looks after the day to day running of the courses, and is likely to be the person you talk to if you have any questions about course bookings and the AECDL. Denise co-ordinates the departmental inductions and provides support to the Skills Toolkit.


Rob Eadie

Picture of Rob Eadie

IT Teacher

Rob teaches office applications, manages the Microsoft IT Academy e-Learning site and, when required, helps Ian on the AECDL testing days. He has a particular interest in web based technologies with a special interest in SharePoint and how it integrates with the University’s Nexus service. Rob is also interested database design and how databases can be applied to the Web using MySQL and PHP or viewed on a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad.


Stephen Eyre

Picture of Stephen Eyre

IT Teacher

Stephen is a keen user of digital media and teaches across this subject with an emphasis in supporting the creation of teaching and research materials that can be distributed as a podcast, or form part of an online identity for academics. Stephen's main area of expertise is in audio and he teaches in this area with Logic, iLife, and Audacity. He also teaches Microsoft Word and some introductory Mac courses.


Mark Lambourne

Picture of Mark Lambourne

Course and Lecture Room Support Officer

As part of the team Mark provides support for courses and events. You will see him on the course registration desk and he organises the reproduction of all of our course notes. Mark is the key contact for the hire of Thames Suite and he works with the ICT team to offer technical backup to the Thames Suite of IT teaching rooms.


Ian Miller

Picture of Ian Miller

Senior IT Teacher

Ian teaches Office applications and manages the Advanced ECDL. He has many years experience in database development and is keen user of spreadsheets to analyse and manage large lists of data. Ian is an experienced programmer, and teaches his preferred programming languages of C++, Java. Over the past two years Ian has developed and run several interesting screen capture courses that allow users to create software demonstrations, simulations and quiz podcasts.


Pamela Stanworth

Picture of Pamela Stanworth

IT Teacher

Pamela Stanworth teaches a range of applications in the IT Learning Programme, including database design and build, EndNote and academic word-processing. She also manages the Research Skills Toolkit, a collaborative project with the Bodleian Libraries. Her early career has been in engineering, with blue-chip industrial companies, independent technical consultancy and running a small business. Her commitment in teaching and consulting is to enable people to use technology to get their jobs done, efficiently and to a high standard.


Kathryn Wenczek

Picture of Kathryn Wenczek

ITLP Services Manager

Kathryn manages the team and office and works with the teaching team to plan, organise and publicise the IT Learning Programme schedule. She oversees all of the bookings and events held in the Thames Suite. She also organises closed courses for departments and colleges. She is involved with the development of the IT Services course booking system and is a member of the HRIS Training Process Group.


Contacting the team

If you need to contact a member of the team, it is best to use the contact details below. This ensures that in the person's absence we can perhaps forward the query to someone else who may be able to help.

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