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1.1. Closed course benefits...

We offer over 100 IT courses in a programme open to all University members. We can also arrange closed courses for groups within the University.

  • A closed course means only your staff or students will be in attendance and the course will be organised at time to suit your group.
  • A closed course generally covers the same topics as its corresponding open version with the benefit or your group acquiring the same knowledge at the same time.
  • Our courses are comprehensive and may suit you perfectly. However, for a one-off charge, we can customise the content to fit your specific requirements.
  • Closed courses normally run in one of our purpose designed IT teaching rooms. So if you need to organise a course for your group just agree the date and we’ll worry about the rest!
  • We can work with you to help integrate a closed course with your standard teaching and staff development programmes.

1.2. How it works...

Closed courses are all about enabling your staff, colleagues and students to use IT effectively.

  • You identify an area of IT learning that would benefit your group.
  • You talk to us and we agree content, time, place and cost.
  • We deliver the course, usually in our own fully-equipped teaching room.
  • We collect feedback from participants so that you can be sure the training was effective.
  • Participants can get post-course support through our Computer 8 sessions.

1.3. Charges

We make a charge to run a closed course. The charging structure is simple: we make a single charge for your whole group. Depending on the content, we may also need to make an additional one-off charge for customisation. Buffet lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments can be provided for a small extra cost.

1.4. Your next steps...

We try and make the process of organising a closed course as easy as possible.

  • Look at our current programme. For just a few people, one of our open courses may be suitable. Closed courses are normally run with between 6 and 20 delegates.
  • Identify the course you are interested in by visiting our catalogue. The catalogue provides a course summary and list of topics.
  • If there is a topic that we don’t cover we can still help. We are experienced at negotiating with external trainers and can often arrange a specialised course at very favourable rates.
  • Contact us using our enquiry form. We will arrange for one our teachers to talk to you.

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