A summary of the courses we run

Many colleges and departments provide courses in how to use local IT facilities and services, but in addition, the IT Learning Programme (ITLP) offers over 200 different IT courses that can help you with your studies, research and future careers. . IT Learning Programme courses can be booked by all current members of Oxford University.

Currently many of our courses are delivered on Windows, but we also cover Linux and Apple Mac.

Our courses fall into these main categories:

  • Core scheduled: our teacher-led courses covering everything from Office fundamentals through to advanced programming, database design, academic use of software and multi-media
  • Byte-size: lunch time sessions covering closely focused topics or new technologies
  • External expert: courses lead by experts in their field from outside the University
  • Apple accredited: courses run by Apple accredited trainers in our Apple Authorised training Centre
  • Closed: arranged for groups at a time convenient for them
  • Customised: our standard courses which are customised for a particular audience
  • Specialised: if there is a course you need, but we don't offer it, talk to us!
  • Advanced ECDL: is a scheme that enables you to certify your advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • New to computing: for those who need an introduction to computing and the use of email and the web.

Our core schedule ranges from fundamental courses in the use of popular office packages and Nexus through to advanced programming, database design, academic use of office software and multi-media skills. Scheduled courses are normally 3-hour modules, morning or afternoon. Course costs are kept low, just enough to cover resources.

Lunch time, byte-size sessions cover closely focused topics or new technologies. They last 1 hour, from 12:30pm, and are usually FREE.

Our external expert courses are taught by experts in their fields, who have leading roles in their respective industries. These are in-depth and last from 1 to 5 days. We always negotiate great educational rates with the tutors, and of course you don’t have to travel far!

In our Apple Training Centre we deliver Apple accredited courses, taught by Apple accredited trainers in applications such as Final Cut Pro and Aperture. And if you want to look good in front of a camera, then one of our many media courses will show you how. Again these are offered at special rates for University members.

Our courses are open to all in the University, but if you have a group of people we can run them as a closed course at a mutually convenient time. We can also run customised closed courses so that they are even more relevant to you. We charge a flat fee for these courses.

If there is a topic that we don’t cover then we can still help you. We are experienced at negotiating with external trainers and training suppliers and can quite often arrange to run a specialised course here in our training rooms at very favourable rates.

Finally, if you know someone who is new to computing and needs guidance on how to use keyboard, mouse, email and the web we can help them too in our ClickIT sessions. These are organised on demand so contact us if you are interested.

And there is more. For example our programme of IT inductions, our drop-in sessions and our special IT related events. You can even run your own courses in our state of the art IT teaching rooms at special rates for University departments.

Make use of us to save you time, improve your learning and research, and gain skills that will be indispensable in your career!

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