Thames Suite Overview

Our Thames Lecture Room Suite combines an exceptionally high standard of computer and presentation facilities with innovative room design and layout to provide a peaceful and professional environment for both learning and presenting.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of teachers and students, presenters and audiences, the suite’s integral flexibility enables each of the four rooms to be adapted easily to suitable configurations for computer training, seminars, presentations, workshops or conferences.

Adaptive room layouts

All our training layouts create a friendly learning environment for maximum interaction between students, while lecture and conference configurations are both comfortable and practical for presenters and audiences alike.

Room Capacities

  • Cherwell: 14 student computers or 20-seat lecture room
  • Evenlode: 24 student computers or 30-seat lecture room
  • Isis: 32 student computers arranged in groups of six or a 60-seat lecture room.
  • Windrush: 14 student computers arranged in groups of three and four

Who can use the Thames Suite?

Existing users include IT Services – for all our courses, workshops and conferences – as well as University departments, other universities, academic and business organisations. The Thames Suite is ideal for anyone requiring a well-equipped, professional training or presentation venue.

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