Cherwell can accommodate 14 students working at computers. It can also be used as a 20-seat lecture room.

A closely cropped image of the black, metal-framed seating in the Cherwell room. The harsh black frames counterpointing the orange fabric in the same way that IT infrastructure counterpoints the interwoven content of the web.

The facilities available are:

  • Dual projectors
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Dual computers for use by lecturer, with facility for lecturer's own laptop computer
  • Internet access on all computers
  • Interactive slate (on request)
  • Large double-sided whiteboard (on request)
  • Hearing loop (on request)
  • Voting system (on request)
  • Lecturer's wireless keyboard and mouse (on request)
  • Wireless access to the University network through Oxford Wireless LAN (OWL)


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