Windrush can accommodate 14 students working at computers.

The perspex and metal of the Windrush podium standing ready to focus another class. The smoked perspex reflecting and transmitting; learning and teaching.

The facilities available are:

  • Dual projectors
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Dual computers for use by lecturer, with facility for lecturer's own laptop computer
  • Internet access on all computers
  • Interactive slate (on request)
  • Large double-sided whiteboard (on request)
  • High quality sound system
  • Hearing loop (on request)
  • Voting system (on request)
  • Lecturer's wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Wireless access to the University network through Oxford Wireless LAN (OWL)
  • Coming soon: classroom computer management software

The desks in Windrush can be configured as computer desks or seminar desks. The desks can be removed to provide a large exhibition space.


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