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Our Facilities


1. Thames Suite Overview

Our Thames Lecture Room Suite combines an exceptionally high standard of computer and presentation facilities with innovative room design and layout to provide a peaceful and professional environment for both learning and presenting.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of teachers and students, presenters and audiences, the suite’s integral flexibility enables each of the four rooms to be adapted easily to suitable configurations for computer training, seminars, presentations, workshops or conferences.

1.1. Adaptive room layouts

All our training layouts create a friendly learning environment for maximum interaction between students, while lecture and conference configurations are both comfortable and practical for presenters and audiences alike.

1.2. Room Capacities

1.3. Who can use the Thames Suite?

Existing users include IT Services – for all our courses, workshops and conferences – as well as University departments, other universities, academic and business organisations. The Thames Suite is ideal for anyone requiring a well-equipped, professional training or presentation venue.

2. Cherwell

Cherwell can accommodate 14 students working at computers. It can also be used as a 20-seat lecture room.

Figure images/cherwell.jpg [A closely cropped image of the black, metal-framed seating in the Cherwell room. The harsh black frames counterpointing the orange fabric in the same way that IT infrastructure counterpoints the interwoven content of the web. ]

The facilities available are:


3. Evenlode

Evenlode can accommodate 24 students working at computers. It can also be used as a 30-seat lecture room.

Figure images/evenlode.jpg [An almost uniform row of computer screens and chairs disappearing into the distance of the Evenlode room. Each monitor identical, each chair the same, but all individual. ]

The facilities available are:


4. Isis

Isis can accommodate 32 students working at computers. It can also be used as a 60-seat lecture room.

Figure images/isis.jpg [A view across the Isis room. The old technology of the keyboard and mouse being eclipsed by the voting systems, projection systems and digital whiteboards of the present.]

The facilities available are:

The 5 desks, each with 6 computers, can convert to flat, seminar desks at the flick of a switch. Easily accessible network and mains sockets enable laptops to be used on the flat surfaces. In addition, there are 2 fully height adjustable desks each with a computer.


5. Windrush

Windrush can accommodate 14 students working at computers.

Figure images/windrush.jpg [The perspex and metal of the Windrush podium standing ready to focus another class. The smoked perspex reflecting and transmitting; learning and teaching.]

The facilities available are:

The desks in Windrush can be configured as computer desks or seminar desks. The desks can be removed to provide a large exhibition space.


6. Educational Technologies

In ITLP we believe that technology is no substitute for good teaching skills in a relaxed environment, but our experience is that when used appropriately, it can make the learning experience more effective and enjoyable.

In our lecture rooms we use:

And we are willing to share our experience of using them. If you would like to see some of these tools in use and perhaps try them out, contact us (or come along on one of our courses!).

6.1. Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards (sometimes called digital whiteboards or by the proprietary name Smart Boards) can be used in three ways:
  • Capturing any notes made on the board and saving them for recall or printing
  • Controlling and annotating software applications projected on to it
  • As a standard whiteboard with dry-wipe markers (you should confirm this with the manufacturer of the board)
  • If necessary resources can be prepared on another computer away from the interactive whiteboard for use during a lesson.

6.2. Voting System

If you have watched the TV program ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ you will have seen a voting system in use. A question is posed and a number of possible answers displayed; members of the audience use handsets to supply their choice of answer, which is collated with others and the results displayed.

The system we use in IT Services is wireless based and consists of 32 handsets and a base station. The system is transportable and can be used with Windows or Mac computers (drivers are supplied on a CD). The results are made accessible on the controlling PC, which can then be projected on to a screen if a data projector is available.

6.3. Interactive Slates

In a small to medium-sized learning environment, digital whiteboards allow students to engage and interact with the teacher, each other and learning resources projected on to the board. In a larger environment this is not as practical. An interactive slate can help to overcome this. It is a wireless device that enables a student to use a digital pen or a mouse to interact with a computer display from up to 20 m away. Clearly the display needs to be projected on to a screen large enough that it can be seen.

7. Accessibility

Figure images/adjustable-desks.jpg [Height adjustable desking]

We aim to make our courses and facilities accessible to all.

Where appropriate we can provide assistive technologies for those who use our rooms. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

As well as providing a comfortable environment, facilities in the Thames Suite have been designed for easy access. All rooms have height adjustable tables and seating, and feature a hearing loop. All computers can be be adjusted to suit specific requirements. The building has ramped access and toilets are accessible to wheelchairs.

Although there is only limited parking at IT Services, we do have spaces for disabled users.

Many course notes can be provided in large print, Braille or as electronic text.

If you do require any of these services, please make sure you let us know at the time that you book a course - there is an opportunity to do so on the booking form.

8. Room Bookings

The Thames Suite rooms can be booked for University and external meetings. Please use the enquiry form to contact us with your requirements.

9. Catering

Refreshments and buffet lunches can be provided in our separate conference room facilities. Details and pricing can be provided on request.