What is the Oxford Username?

Access to many web-based services at Oxford (e.g. WebLearn, Self-Registration, course booking) is through a Single Sign-On system. Once you login via this system, you can use associated services without having to re-enter your username and password.

Your username is usually of the form abcd1234, where abcd is a short form of your college or department. It is administered by OUCS and is separate from any other local college or departmental accounts you may have.

How do I Get An Oxford Username?

All members of Oxford University who have a current University Card are entitled to an Oxford Username. (Cardholder or Bodleian Reader cards are not valid for this purpose.) Account details are automatically sent by letter from OUCS to the user's primary University address, normally within three working days of the new University card being issued. The account then needs to be activated within 30 days. If you have this letter, you can activate this account now.

If you have a current University Card and have never received or have lost the account details, you can ask your college or department IT Officer to supply you with them. Alternatively, you can contact the OUCS Help Centre. You can do this in person at OUCS, 13 Banbury Road. The help centre is open 8:30am - 20:30pm Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can phone the Help Centre on (2)73200 or request help through the Help Centre web form. Username activation details can be sent via the University internal post or emailed to a working University email account. They cannot be given over the telephone or sent to non-University postal or email addresses.

I've Forgotten my Oxford Username Password, or it has Expired - What Should I Do?

Please see the forgotten/expired passwords web page.