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SMS reminder service


1. General Information

From Michaelmas 2009 the IT Learning Programme is offering a free SMS reminder service to people who have booked a place on a course. The service will offer:

We will not use this for spam or general promotion.

To sign-up for this service please register your mobile phone number with us. You will be able to unsubscribe from this service at any time from your My Account page.

1.1. What is SMS Messaging?

SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a facility available on the vast majority of mobile phones that allows text-based communication between phones and information providers such as ITLP. For more information on how to use text messaging on your phone, please check the manual for your handset or with your network provider.

1.2. Who can register for the SMS reminder service?

Anyone with an Oxford Username who is eligible to book courses.

1.3. How do I subscribe?

Register your mobile phone number in your My Account page.

1.4. How do I unsubscribe from the service?

You can unsubscribe from this service in your My Account page.

1.5. Can I register more than one phone number?

No, you can only register one phone number at any one time.

1.6. How do I change the number I want the SMS sent to?

You need to unsubscribe the old number and then register the new number.

1.7. Once subscribed, when will I start receiving reminders?

You will be registered to receive reminders immediately and should receive one for the next course you have a confirmed place on.

1.8. I've already signed up for a course, will I receive reminders for these?

Yes, once you have signed up, you will receive a reminder for all of the courses you have a confirmed place on for this term.

1.9. Do I need to register for the reminder service for every course that I have booked?

No, you only need to register your number once in the My Account page. From then on you will be sent a reminder for any course you have a confirmed place on.

1.10. Is there a charge?

OUCS will not charge you to send the SMS reminders.

1.11. When will I receive the reminder?

At 8 o'clock on the morning of the course you have booked to attend.

1.12. Can I get the reminder sent at a different time?

At present, we are only sending out reminders at 8 o'clock each morning.

1.13. Can I pick the courses for which I am sent reminders?

At present, you will receive a reminder for all of the courses you have booked.

1.14. How many reminders will I be sent for each course?

You will only be sent one reminder for each course.

1.15. What type of ad-hoc messages will you send me?

These messages will only be related to your course booking. We may send you an SMS message if the course needs to be cancelled, to remind you to pay (if the course requires payment in advance), or other administration in connection to your booking. We will not use this for spam or general promotion.

1.16. How do I stop receiving reminder messages?

You can unsubscribe from this service in your My Account page.

1.17. What is "My Account"

My Account is a page where you can check and cancel any course bookings that you have made. You will find it in the panel on the left of the ITLP page. You need to login in using your Oxford Username and password

1.18. Can I cancel my course booking via SMS?

No. Please cancel your booking online via My Account.

1.19. Can I have an SMS reminder instead of the email reminders?

No, SMS reminders are being sent in addition to the normal reminders. You will still receive the email reminders.

1.20. Can I send a message to you using SMS?

No. You will need to contact us

1.21. How can I contact ITLP with my comments and queries about the SMS service?

Please contact us at

The SMS reminders are delivered using an email to SMS gateway provided by Meercat Communications Limited