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Who are ITS3?
  • Tony Brett (Head) (2)83354 or 07971 589623
  • Malcolm Austen (Technical Information Officer) (2)73216 Mon-Wed only
  • Elsa Smith (Administrator) (2)73228
  • Rory Edwards (Technical Support Assistant) (2)83163 Tues-Fri only

The ITS3 Mission:

To support distributed ITSS (DITSS) through the provision of central resources and organisation and to encourage the whole body of DITSS to act as one large group supporting one large University rather than as smaller silos.

To act as fast-track support to DITSS and provide an expert-to-expert interface between them and IT Services

To work with senior IT Services staff and other members of the University to ensure the interests of ITSS are adequately represented considered in any relevant decisions and discussions.

To Contact ITS3:

Please email - that address goes into the IT Services Request Tracker system and any of us can then respond to you. If your issue is urgent and/or sensitive please feel free to use any of the telephone numbers above

You may also tweet at us @Ox_ITS3

What ITS3 isn't:

If you are a user looking for help with a problem then ITS3 is not the place for you. Either seek your college or department IT support staff or contact the IT Services Help Centre.

If you are engaged in an IT support role within the collegiate University then read on.