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Microsoft .NET Seminar

Coming next year will be the next release of Microsoft's server operating system - Windows .NET Server 2003. See what is new and changed in this operating system.

The seminar will cover subjects such as the Active Directory, web and application services, clustering, file and print service improvements, networking improvements, security and more. It will be aimed at a technical audience, but not necessarily a Microsoft audience and will be delivered by Brian Reid, a Microsoft systems lecturer and consultant from C7 Solutions, an Oxford based consultancy.

  • Wednesday 4th December, 14:15 to 17:30
  • COST: £20 per person
  • Advanced registration essential
  • Tea, etc. and biccies provided

How to Register

This seminar is open to all registered ITSS and their invited guests. Guests must be members of the University.

To register, send a purchase order for £20 per person to ITS3, OUCS, 13 Banbury Road, payable to account DEN1LSC. Please include the names of attendees on the Purchase Order. Purchase Orders must be received by Wednesday 27th November