IT Services

Working with IT committees


1. Introduction

Many colleges and departmental groups have invited representatives from the IT Department to attend IT committee meetings. This helps the IT department better understand the services academic staff need and provides a good opportunity to explain IT service news.

1.1. College and Halls IT committees

Table 1. IT service staff for Colleges
College/Hall    Contact
Christ Church Howard Noble
Green-Templeton Peter Robinson
Hertford David Ford
Lady Margaret Hall Mike Fraser
Somerville Tony Brett
St Cross Adrian Parks
Jesus John Ireland
Keble Paul Jeffreys
Kellogg College Katherine Craddock
Linacre Alistair James
Merton Stuart Lee
St Antony's Adrian Parks
Wolfson Mark Norman

1.2. Departmental IT committees

Table 2. IT service staff contacts for departments, sub-departments, faculties, sub-faculties, institutes, centres and other units
IT Committee Contact
Materials Ian Atkin
Classics Faculty Mike Fraser
Plant Sciences Marko Jung
Surgical Sciences Tony Brett
Engineering Tony Brett
Dunn School of Pathology Tony Brett
Library Provision in English Ylva Berglund
Philosophy Faculty James Cummings
Education Studies Melissa Highton
Pharmacology David Janes
History Melissa Highton
Personnel Paul Jeffreys
Continuing Education (receive minutes) Stuart Lee
Said Business School Pete Jones
OeRC Management Committee Stuart Lee
Biochemistry Bridget Lewis
English Faculty Kate Lindsay
Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Arts Joseph Talbot
Medical Sciences/IMSU IT committee (currently being reformulated) Tony Brett
Oxford University Centre for Environment Howard Noble
Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Mark Norman
Linguistics, Phonetics and Philology Martin Wynne
Oriental Institute Ian Wild

1.3. Interdisciplinary IT committees

Table 3. IT service contacts who attend committees with members from across the Collegiate University (and other organisations)
IT Committee Contact
UCISA Staff Development Group Tony Brett
UCISA Distributed IT Support Staff Group Tony Brett
SS-TWIG (Student Systems Technical Implementation Working Group) Tony Brett
SS-SPTN (Student Systems Support and Training Group) Tony Brett
Maths and Physical Life Sciences Henryk Glogowski
Colleges IT Officers Forum Tony Brett
Colleges ICT Committee Tony Brett
ICT Forum Steering Group Tony Brett
OxTalent Kathryn Wenczek, David Baker, Peter Robinson, Adam Marshall, Melissa Highton
Humanities Division Mike Fraser
Information Skills Strategy Team Pamela Stanworth
Experimental Psychology and Medical Sciences Teaching Centre IT Steering Group Pamela Stanworth
Student Systems Management Group Mike Fraser
Network Advisory Group Tony Brett
Oxford Super Computer Management Board Paul Jeffreys
PRAC ICT Subcommitte (PICT) Stuart Lee
Student Systems Board Stuart Lee
ASUC Strategy Group Stuart Lee
Social Sciences Division Paul Jeffreys
Curators of the Libraries (receive minutes) Stuart Lee
Timetable Planning Sub-Committee Mark Norman
Web Strategy Development Group Stuart Lee
UCISA Infrastructure Group Committee Mike Fraser
Said Business School University Liaison Task Force Stuart Lee
CETIS Management Board (external) Stuart Lee
DARS Integrations Steering Group Dominic Hargreaves
Resolve Replacement (X5) Project Board Mike Fraser
Russell Group IT Directors (external) Stuart Lee