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Dialup Service Wind Down

Notification to Users:

Dear user,

You are receiving this message as we believe you used the OUCS dialup service last month.

Now that so many people use commercial broadband services at home, usage of the OUCS dial-up service has declined to a tiny level. This service is running on obsolete equipment that is no longer maintainable and the high cost and risk of this has led OUCS to decide to terminate the service on 31 July 2010.

How will I access the internet and the University after 31 July?
We have provided a web page with information about various options for home network connections
How will I access protected University Library Resources?
You can access most e-journals through a login with your Oxford Single Sign-on account (the same as you use for Nexus email or weblearn etc.) - Start from one of the links on
How do I send email from a computer on a non-oxford network?
You can now set up mail programs to send messages from a non-Oxford network - see for instructions.
How will I access restricted internal web pages?
You may need to use software, available from OUCS, called Virtual Private Network (VPN). Please see:

Your primary support for IT issues comes from your department or college. Your first port of call for questions or advice should always be your local IT support.

Yours sincerely,

The OUCS Helpcentre