5. Accessibility Case Studies

Well, perhaps these might be a bit too sensitive to put online! So here are just the theme parts of each one:

  • ALT texts
  • No Frames?
    • Use them only if you must.
    • And if you must, leave a way out (or in!) those who can't handle them.
  • JavaScript Navigation
    • Remember that JavaScript implementation isn't entirely browser independent!
    • Ensure that there is a way in for non-JS browsers.
    • Doesn't everyone have JavaScript nowadays?
      • pwWebSpeak doesn't
      • Ht://Dig and Google don't
  • 5% of the population are colour-blind
    • Colour cues can be useful but, like JavaScript, they must not be depended on.
  • Just listen to your web page
    • It may not be a realistic simulation of a blind person listening to your web page, but it can certainly be enlightening.

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