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April 16 2004
Said Business School, University of Oxford

Organised by the Learning Technologies Group part of the OUCS,
University of Oxford
Sponsored by the JISC Committee for Learning and Teaching


Target audience: Education (FE, HE, and lifelong learning), Learners, Vendors, ICT Developers

This event discussed, at a high level, the student and Government perceptions of e-learning. In particular what do learners actually think of e-learning? Do they respond well to it, or do they see it as a cheap and inadequate replacement for more prized learning experiences such as face-to-face contact? Will student reaction against e-learning build up? How thought through are Government policies towards e-learning? Is there sufficient funding being pumped into this area, or is there too much money being used to chase the e-learning holy grail which could be put to better use elsewhere?

These questions and many more have been discussed, debated, and maybe even answered in the one-day colloquium "Beyond the Learner: Student and Government Perceptions of the e-Learning Experience". For the last nine years Oxford University has organised a series of successful
events which have discussed the place of technology in the spheres of learning, culture, and society and 'Beyond the Learner' continues this.


10.00-10.30 Registration and Coffee

10.30-11.00 Opening Plenary: Chris Weavers (NUS)

11.00-12.30 Round-Table Discussion: Student Experiences of E-Learning. This will include students representing a range of sectors - Andrew Chennery (A Level Student, Kenmal College); Dagan Lonsdale (3rd Year Medicine, UCL); Richard Coomber (Lifelong Learner, Sports Journalist); Janaki Verma (Postgraduate, Oxford).

12.30-1.00 Second Plenary: Keith Lindsay (Consultant, Adult Learning)

1.00-2.00 Lunch (included in cost of registration)

2.00-4.00 Debate. "This house believes that Government promotion and investment in e-learning is justified" (includes presentations from the speakers plus a lengthy debate with the floor, followed by a vote on the motion).

  • For:
  • Margaret Bennett (Department for Education and Skills)
  • Mike Woods (Head Teacher, Cornwallis School)
  • Against:
  • Alison Wolf (Kings College, London)
  • Martin Oliver (University College, London)

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