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Beyond Colloquia

Since 1996, the Humanities Computing Unit and the LTG has been organizing a series of events, exploring the impact of new technologies on literature, learning, and our cultural resources. Information about the Beyond colloquia and proceedings are available from the following links:


beyond the learner
16 th April 2004

This event discussed, at a high level, the student and Government perceptions of e-learning. In particular what do learners actually think of e-learning? How thought through are Government policies towards e-learning? Is there sufficient funding being pumped into this area, or is there too much money being used to chase the e-learning holy grail which could be put to better use elsewhere?

beyond theory
11th April 2003

This event discussed, at a high level, the development of C&IT material for use in teaching. In particular, the debate focuses on how pedagogical theory/best practice feeds into this development.

beyond chalk and talk
Friday 12 April 2002

This debate provided an opportunity to discuss the following questions: Is the new digital age the answer to the prayers of teachers? Does it free them up from excessive workloads or merely add to them? Is there too much emphasis on C&IT and Virtual Learning, compared with traditional methods? Are the latter being underfunded as a result of policy pursuing fashion?

beyond the museum
20th April 2001

Beyond the Museum explores how museums, galleries and archives exploit new technologies to provide increased access to their collections, and to reach new audiences.

beyond control
28th April 2000

Beyond Control provided an opportunity to discuss the opportunities and problems that the Internet poses to accessing resources, and the difficult issue of policing the Internet.

beyond art
21st April 1999

This event explored whether new technologies endanger the arts, or inspire the creation and reception of new and existing works.

beyond the hype
23rd April 1998

Speakers from British libraries, universities, publishing houses, and authors looked Beyond the Hype of the high profile of the Internet, the Digital Library, and the Electronic Book.

beyond the library
16th May 1997

Beyond the Library looked at the practical and theoretical implications of using new technologies in the library.

beyond the classroom
1st May 1996

Digital technologies are being used to deliver teaching in a range of environments. Beyond the Classroom brought together practitioners and visionaries to explore the impact of using IT to extend teaching and learning beyond the classroom.

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