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BeyondTheory Conference 2003
Educational best practice and the use of ICT for teaching and learning.

The one-day conference took place on Friday 11th April 2003 at The Oxford Union Debating Chamber.

BeyondTheory was organised by the Learning Technologies Group, part of the OUCS, University of Oxford and sponsored by the JISC Committee for Learning and Teaching.

Oxford Union Debating Chamber - Copyright Oxford Union

Welcome to Beyond Theory, the website of the one-day academic colloquium that discussed, at a high level, the development of C&IT material for use in teaching. In particular had pedagogical theory/best practice fed into this in the past, and if not, should we be trying to remedy the situation for the future? Were commercial VLEs the answer to our prayers or are we being pushed into a corner against our better judgement as teachers and designers?

These questions and many more were answered in the one-day colloquium "Beyond Theory: Educational best practice and the use of ICT for teaching and learning". For the last eight years Oxford University has organised a series of successful events which have discussed the place of technology in the spheres of learning, culture, and society and 'Beyond Theory' continued this.

Details of previous 'Beyond' colloquia can be found here.



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