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The Shock of the Old 4: "e-Learning, The Student Experience"
Said Business School, Oxford University, 15th April, 2004


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Refreshments and lunch are included in the booking fee, though we cannot provide accommodation or evening events. Information is provided here about hotels and bed-and-breakfast accommodation; delegates are responsible for making their own arrangements.

The conference will be held at the Said Business School, Park End Street ( map ), which is across the street from the train station and a 5-minute walk to the City Centre. No parking is available. Delegates are advised to use local transport to get from their accommodation to the conference. The two bus companies serving Oxford, Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach, have online timetables. Most buses run to the centre of Oxford. Information about visiting Oxford is available from OxfordCity.co.uk.

There are many hotels and B&Bs in Oxford. The following sites list hotels, appartments and B&B accommodation in and around Oxford: