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The Shock of the Old 3: Designing and Developing for the Disciplines
One-Day Conference on Educational Technologies

University of Oxford
Said Business School
24th July 2003, 9:30 - 17:30

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The Learning Technologies Group at Oxford University Computing Services held the third annual one-day conference on educational technologies on July 24th at the Said Business School, Oxford.

Keynote Speakers:
Professor Grainne Conole
Research and Graduate School of Education
University of Southampton
Professor William Dutton
Director, Oxford Internet Institute
Oxford University

Shock 3 exploreed issues involved in creating materials and tools for disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and/or generic use. We discussed such questions as:
  • What kinds of technologies are best suited to teaching and learning in the sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences?
  • Are truly generic or completely non-disciplinary materials possible (or desirable)?
  • In seeking to make generic tools might we be imposing the methodologies of one discipline onto another?
  • How can discipline- or subject-specific materials be adapted for different disciplines or subjects?
  • What differences are thus exposed or created in the underlying teaching (and research) practices?
  • Conversely, can disciplinary differences expose methodological assumptions in the technologies?
  • Do disciplinary differences affect the ways new technologies are best integrated into teaching practice?
  • Are proprietary solutions and "corporatization" of learning technologies shaping the way subjects are taught? If so, is this leading to increased or decreased choice and flexibility?

  • In addition, we'll be finding out about exciting new projects in process.

    The setting was the beautful new Said Business School, conveniently located across the street from the Oxford Rail Station.

    • Conference Programme •
    (talks' slides available online)

    Information is also available for Shock 2002

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