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Shock of the Old 7 Conference : Web 2.0 and the Connected Future


1. Programme

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08.30  Early Bird Sessions

Session A 'Interfacing the real world with a Virtual Oxford' - Dr Karl Harrison, Oxford University


Session B 'Designing new ICT learning spaces' - Pamela Stanworth, Dr David Baker, Oxford University

0900  Registration and coffee

0930 Welcome.  Paul Davis, 
Head of the Learning Technology Group, 
Oxford University Computing Service

0935  Introduction Stuart Lee
Director, Oxford University Computing Service 

0940 Keynote Professor Ronald Barnett
Pro-Director, Institute of Education, University of London
1015	The future of the institutional VLE in a world of free online tools and social software
Niall Sclater, Director, VLE Programme, Open University

1100 Coffee

1115	Listening to the voice of the digital native: students use of Web 2.0 technologies at a UK University
Amanda Jefferies, Principal Lecturer/University Teaching Fellow Blended Learning Unit, University of Hertfordshire 

1150	Get your Hands Dirty: Personalisation for Whom?
Fiona Carroll, Learning Technologist; Rita Kop, Lecturer and
Clare Woodward, e-Learning Project Manager, 
University of Swansea 

1225	A Coincidence of Motivations leading to Agile Configurations 
Fred Garnett, The Learner Generated Contexts Group, The London Knowledge Lab

1300 Buffet Lunch in the Reception Area

Parallel A	
1350	The design, testing and evaluation of a student model for Blended Learning with web 2.0
Dr Trevor Barker, School of Computer Science Principal Lecturer, Hertfordshire University			

1425	SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome): the curse of Web 2.0
David Wright, ESD, Cranfield University				

1500	Get off of my cloud: preliminary investigation of tag cloud navigation strategies.
Carol Shergold and John Davies, University of Sussex

Parallel B

1350	Blurred Boundaries: Taking Advantage of Society Online?
David White, Co-Manager, Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning (TALL), Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford

1425	Lessons from Five Years as a Web 2.0 University
Robert O'Toole, Arts Faculty E-learning Advisor, 
University of Warwick.

1500	e-Science for e-Learning: Co-shaping technologies and researchers
Dr Annamaria Carusi, Oxford e-Research Centre

1530 Coffee

1550	The Same As It Ever Was?  Web 2.0 and the risk to the 'information resource'
Alan Bell, Records Manager and Information Compliance Officer, University of Dundee 

1625	Panel Question and Answer session chaired by Paul Davis, Head of the Learning Technology Group, 

Joan K. Lippincott, Associate Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), Washington

Christopher Trevitt, Oxford Learning Institute.  
Formally at the Australian National University

Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology, Newcastle University and Director of Research and Development, NIIT Ltd, India.

1700 - 1900 Wine Reception