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Shock of the Old 2009

Digital literacy: the role of new media in the HE curriculum

Thursday April 2nd 2009 Said Business School, University of Oxford

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The Learning Technologies Group at Oxford University Computing Services successfully held its eighth annual one-day conference on educational technologies.

The theme of the Shock of the Old conference at University of Oxford in 2009 was: Digital literacy in higher education.

Conference themes

Papers at this conference:

  1. Describe the new skills and knowledge required by students and staff in the digital age;
  2. Explore the challenges that the use of digital technologies brings to the design of teaching and learning activities;
  3. Offer new approaches and strategies for digital literacy skills training;
  4. Explore the impact that the use of these new technologies has on motivation, participation and differentiation;
  5. Highlight research in new areas of literacy such as digital storytelling, media literacy, interaction and collaboration skills.

The Educause Horizon report 2008 suggests that while web-based tools are rapidly becoming standard in education and in the workplace and technologically-mediated communication is the norm, fluency in information, visual, and technological literacy is not formally taught to most students. In the light of this we need new and expanded definitions of academic digital literacy which are based on mastering underlying concepts of knowledge and information. We need to develop and establish methods for teaching and evaluating these critical literacy at all levels of education.

As usual this conference preceded the Beyond Walls - Oxford University Podcasting Conference on Friday April 3rd Said Business School, University of Oxford.