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Organised by the
Learning Technologies Group
Oxford University
10th April 2002
Computing Laboratory, University of Oxford
Attendance by invitation only

This workshop, to be held at Oxford University, is designed for IT staff charged with promoting, integrating, and developing the new technologies for use in their institution. In a sense this workshop is unique as it is aimed solely at the people charged with this seemingly impossible and thankless task (hence the term "herding tigers"). The day is meant to be informal based around a series of themed workshops. Participants are invited to share their tips and solutions, but also to be honest about ideas that have failed. Prior to the event delegates are asked to submit some details about their own institution.

Formal Aims:

To bring together representatives from local centres (national and international) involved in promoting and developing the use of IT in teaching and learning in the Higher Education sector. To allow these centres to share their experiences, exchanging good ideas, and tackling mutual problems. The emphasis is on two particular areas:

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Herding Tigers is open only to invited groups.

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