2. Your Mac in Oxford

In the University environment the experience for Tiger and Leopard users is very different from those using Snow Leopard onwards. This is because the centrally provided email service has migrated to the Microsoft Exchange platform and from Snow Leopard onwards your Mac provides inbuilt support for connecting to Exchange servers. As a result Lion and Snow Leopard users are able to use the Oxford Nexus email, shared calendaring and address book facilities from your Mac using Apple's Mail, iCal, and Address Book applications. So, if you using Snow Leopard or above make sure that you follow the links specific to your operating system to get the most out of using your Mac at Oxford.

Oxford Nexus
Oxford Nexus is the central Oxford service used for email, calendaring, contacts and much more. Mac users have various options on how they can interact with Nexus:
  • All Mac users can use Mail to access Nexus email (via IMAP)
  • Snow Leopard and Lion users can use the inbuilt support for connecting to Exchange to access your Nexus email, calendar and contacts using your familiar Mac applications such as Mail, iCal and Address Book
  • In October 2010 Microsoft released Office for Mac 2011 which includes a version of Outlook for Mac users, Outlook 2011. So, Mac users can now access Nexus using Outlook for Mac.
  • You can also install Entourage from the Microsoft Office suite to access your Nexus email, calendar and contacts
  • Nexus can also be access via a web browser. Mac users will need to use Outlook Web Access Light.
There is plenty of Nexus help documentation including FAQs and a list of feature differences.
Wireless networking
Eduroam is an international federation of academic institutions which allows its users to visit other organizations and use the same username and password as they would use at their home institution. Oxford users can use eduroam in Oxford and at other participating organizations via the OUCS Remote Access account username and password. Instructions on configuring your Mac to use eduroam are available for Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger.

The OUCS shop allows you to purchase software as a member of the University or for your College or Department. The shop can supply a huge range of software for Macs from Adobe products, to Microsoft Office, to SPSS.

In addition to your familiar and favourite applications there are some must-have software applications that you will need to access the core University services, they are:
To access the OUCS VPN service you can use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client software. Lion and Snow Leopard users may wish to use the inbuilt VPN client that comes pre-installed.
You can protect your Mac from viruses by installing the University's supported anti-virus software Sophos which can be obtained from the OUCS self-registration service. Although the threat from viruses and other malware to Mac OS X is still very small it is highly recommended that you install anti-virus software for security and to prevent passing on malware that may affect Windows users.
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
The HFS (Hierarchical File Server) is a centrally funded service providing backup and long-term archive services to Senior Members, Post-graduates and Staff. To use the HFS you will need to install the appropriate TSM client. You will need the same client whether you are using Snow Leopard or Lion (an older version exists for Leopard).
Hardware and purchasing
From getting your existing Apple computer fixed to buying a new one these pointers will get you on the right track:
In-house warranty repairs
OUCS is delighted to be able to offer the Apple Warranty Repair service which allows you to have warranty repairs done in-house at 13 Banbury Road. So wherever you purchased your Mac, if it suffers a hardware problem that is eligible to be fixed under warranty you don't have to worry about returning it to an Apple centre, you can have it fixed here in Oxford with the minimum of inconvenience. For more information please fill in the enquiry form.
Purchasing from Apple
You can buy everything that you might need for your Mac from the Apple Store for Education which will automatically offer you the discounts already negotiated with Apple when accessed from the University network. The Apple store allows you to shop on your own behalf (as staff or student) or on behalf of the University. If you are buying in volume for your college or department the University has a special deal with Apple that applies the 1000+ price discount when purchasing just 10 or more licences for the latest versions of OS X, iWorks, iLife and other products. If you want to take advantage of this deal be sure to place your order through Denise O'Leary, the University's Apple Account Manager.
Training and help
OUCS can provide training and front-line support to help you to get the best out of your Mac:
Apple training
OUCS can provide two distinct types of Apple training at 13 Banbury Road:
Help Centre
The OUCS Help Centre is the initial point of contact for all of our front-line user support services. The Help Centre is located on the ground floor at 13 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6NN.
Mobile devices
If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone then you will be pleased to know that you can access many OUCS facilities from these devices. You can access the wireless network at Oxford using eduroam, you can configure the inbuilt VPN client and you can access your Nexus account to manage your email, calendars and contacts from your iPod Touch or iPhone.

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