3. Backing Up Your Data

This is the most important step to maintaining the security of important data. Whatever else may happen, if your data is kept on a media other than the hard disk of your machine you will be able to recover it. In the simplest terms this can mean copying files to floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, external hard disks or a networked drive.

There are other options you should consider.

OUCS provides a large scale back up service on the Hierarchical File Server (HFS). Systems are backed up to tape on a regular basis via the IBM TSM client software. If you wish to take advantage of this service the system to be backed up must have a network connection and be registered for use of this service. Details of the HFS service can be found on the HFS web site.

You can register for this service via the Web.

Files or complete directory hierarchies can also be recorded onto a CD-ROM. This is useful for archiving files consuming large amounts of valuable disk space on your system. The Help Centre has a number of machines with CD writing software, and blank CDs can be purchased from the OUCS vending machine.

Whatever mechanism you choose always keep more than one copy of the data, OUCS recommends a minimum of three copies of all important data.

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