6. A Last Resort

OUCS will attempt to recover lost or damaged data on a best efforts only basis; it does not have the highly sophisticated facilities necessary to provide a comprehensive data recovery service. We cannot guarantee recovery of material and no attempts will be made to recover application programs. Where the information on a disk is regarded as vital, OUCS will always recommend that the data be recovered by a specialist data recovery company. Users should be aware that any efforts to recover data by a member of OUCS staff may mean that the disk is written to and subsequent attempts by a data recovery service may be hindered by such efforts. Data recovery is a very specialised field and such services are usually expensive; normally it will cost you in the region of £250.00 to receive a list of the files that the company can recover, you would then be charged again for the recovery.

For these reasons backing up of important data should be regarded as the most important step in protecting your data.

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