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1. About the service

Figure images/2034_TV_Studio2.jpg [TV Studio]

Figure images/2027_VIdeo_camera.jpg [video camera]

Figure images/2002_TV_Studio.jpg [TV Studio]

Figure images/454_dvprod.jpg [Van at filming location]

Educational Media Services has the facility to produce broadcast quality video. A crew of up to four can be hired to produce programmes to support teaching and to promote University or College activities and to film important events. We are also available for commercial activities outside the University. All material can be transferred onto DVD, VHS, CD-Rom, as well as web media, iTunes U, podcasts and other broadcast formats.

1.1. Production Kit

Producing a programme is a very time consuming activity and anyone considering using this service should book well in advance. Anyone wishing to hire the unit to cover an event should also book well in advance so that we can visit the location beforehand to determine how best to meet the requirements, ensure staff availabily and hire in extra resources if required.

Requirements for each project can vary widely, therefore, quotations are prepared on an individual basis.

For advice, or a quotation please contact us on 01865 289983 or email