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Tower Suite: Videoconference Service


1. What is Videoconferencing?

Figure images/9515_MPU16.jpg [Conference room]

Figure images/9523_MPU24.jpg [Conference room]

Figure images/9516_MPU17.jpg [Conference room]

Figure images/2004_vidcon2.jpg [Conference phone]

Figure images/9512_MPU12.jpg [Conference room]

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Educational Media Services launched our Videoconference and meeting rooms service. We have three rooms for use for up to 30 participants. To book please contact us on 01865 289980 or email

Videoconferencing is a cost effective, user friendly way of conducting meetings, lectures, interviews etc. between two or more locations in real time audio & video through ISDN or IP lines. We have facilities to cater for one to one hundred people. The facility is available for all to use. We run a 24 hour, seven days a week service.

If you are interested in booking IT rooms, please visit our Thames suite section.

1.1. What is Videoconferencing used for?

Video conferencing is mainly used for:

1.2. What's included?

1.2.1. Facilities

We have a fully functional HD Video conferencing suite for up to 25 participants. There are also other rooms spread throughout the University to cater for up to 100, although some rooms incur an extra charge.

  • Based in 6 Worcester Street
  • Lifesize room 220 HD
  • 65" Panasonic Plasma
  • HD Conferencing for up to 25 people on site.
  • IP (128k to 768k sec.)
  • Multisite over IP & ISDN to include up to 10 video sites & 4 audio sites.
  • Video Encryption
  • Duo video for Multisite and presentations.
  • Connections for a Laptop, Video Recorder and DVD Player
  • Available to all.

For more information please contact us on 01865 289980 or email