1. Connections

1.1. Who is allowed to connect to the Oxford News Server?

Members of Oxford University (ie those using a computer in the ox.ac.uk domain) are implicitly authorised to access the news server for bona fide purposes.

The IT Rules will apply.

1.2. Which news server is available at Oxford?

The Oxford news server is called news.ox.ac.uk.

The system runs the InterNetNews (INN) news server.

The news server is run by OUCS on behalf of the University.

1.3. I can't connect to the news server

If you try to connect to the Oxford News Server from a system which is not in the ox.ac.uk domain, you will be denied access.

Otherwise, if you can't connect your system may not have been registered in the Domain Name Server (DNS). Please contact your local network administrator to register your system.

1.4. Misuse and abuse of news

Please do not be tempted to forge news article headers, or to "spam" newsgroups. As well as being a breach of "Netiquette", both actions are violations of IT Rules. Offenders risk being banned from using the Oxford news server, and/or having other sanctions placed on their accounts.

Please note: The University DOES take such incidents seriously - you have been warned!

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