4. Information

4.1. What is NNTP?

NNTP stands for the Network News Transfer Protocol, and is described in RFC 977. It defines the way that news items are transfered across the network.

4.2. Searching Newsgroups

Google run a system for browsing and searching newsgroups, at http://groups.google.com/

Please note, Google cannot archive the local ox.* newsgroups. Some other search engines also have a netnews search option.

4.3. Where can I get more information about Network News?

The Netnews web pages contain articles about Netnews, covering topics such as what Netnews is (and is not), and how to work with the Netnews Community.

Further introductory information can be found in the news.announce.newusers and news.answers groups.

4.4. Effects of the daily news expire

Once a day, news items which have expired are removed from the system. This requires that the server is paused for a short period at about 1am. During this time new messages will be rejected.

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