2. Policy

  1. NO further allocation of PUBLIC IPv4 subnets will be made to any Unit/Sub-unit 1 which already has an existing allocation.
  2. Any new Unit that joins the University will only be given a /24 allocation and will have to use RFC 1918 ranges of 192.168/16 &/or 10.128/9 2 internally to the Unit. Note: in addition existing users are encouraged, as opportunity permits, to migrate users onto the above two RFC 1918 ranges to avoid long term unexpected interaction with the other RFC 1918 ranges which may be used as part of the central NAT/PAT service if/when that is deployed.
  3. The existing policy RFC1918 Address Space Usage will now say use of the 172.16/12 range must be avoided3.
  4. This means that everyone will now have to use NAT/PAT to satisfy any requirements that do not fit into their existing allocation. All instances of NAT/PAT systems must comply with the Logging requirements to aid traceability as set out on the IT Services website.
  5. Centrally provided data centre server hosting. Where servers are provided on the data centre network the DC team will provide IP addresses. This does not apply for Campus Network connections where the Unit will provide addresses from their existing allocation.

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As defined by PRAS University organisation chart. We use the designation Unit to cover Sub-Unit where more appropriate. The exact boundary is ill defined. IT Services will endeavour to be as fair as practical to both the group directly concerned and the University as a whole.
We are allowing only 10.128/9 because LIN already uses & This should avoid potential clashes when we start routing RFC 1918 in the core.
Primarily the imminent large-scale projects eg Integrated Communications and the TONE Projects.