11. Policy On Router Advertisements

Router Advertisements will (from 2011-2012) be off by default on IPv6 networks added by the network team unless the IT officers for the network in question request otherwise.

In the immediate short term the networks team suggest servers should ignore router advertisements [e.g. to avoid disruption from accidentally configured production equipment, or rouge devices advertising], unless the IT officer has requested Router Advertisements on the network. Staff should be aware this advice/policy may change in 2012 onwards.

Client machine networks (e.g. desktops, laptops) are expected (with the approval of local IT support staff) to be on a network running Router Advertisements for client auto configuration. Hence it's recommended that client machines such as desktops and laptops should listen to Router Advertisements on the network[1].

[1] This is merely a clarification of the advice and policy with regards to Router Advertisements and does not rule out the use of DHCPv6 if the local Network Administrator prefers this.

With Regards to DHCP v6, the university DHCP service and IP address management system that provides a management interface to IT officers must be upgraded first, there isn't a date for this yet but the project is ongoing.

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