9. Site-wide Service Networks

For some large scale projects such as OWL, Eduroam and potentially a commercial Internet connection and Residential Network (ResNet) we need to deploy a set of subnets across the whole backbone network. The most straightforward way to achieve this is to allocate large sections of IP space and automate the provision on each backbone network router.

With IPv4 this could easily be done with RFC1918 prefixes but with IPv6 we instead reserve some large blocks for Site-wide Service Networks. There is one /48 for networks we might trust as being internal to the university, such as a student residential service, and another /48 for external untrusted networks (Eduroam, etc).

Within the /48 we have up to 16 services of that type (internal or external), and the division below that is by router device allowing for an aggregation point at the /57 boundary.

/52 Service Prefix/64 Access Layer PrefixRole
2001:0630:044b:0 000 - fff First Internal Service
2001:0630:044b:f 000 - fff Last Internal Service
2001:0630:044c:0 000 - fff First External Service
2001:0630:044c:f 000 - fff Last External Service

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