7. Services, Linknets and Loopbacks

This single /48 provides subnets required on the university backbone network independently of a department or college. The most common example of this is a server network for a central service provider such as OUCS, BSP or NSMS. The network is split into 32 /53 sections, each providing up to 2048 /64 service networks.

In the first /53 section, one /64 subnet will be reserved for providing the loopback addresses used by routing devices on these networks. A further 1023 /64 subnets are available for server networks, and a further 1024 subnets will be available for linknets as explained earlier in this document.

Base Prefix/64 Extension PrefixRole
2001:0630:0440 0000 - 00fe Server Networks (256)
2001:0630:0440 00ff /128 Loopback Addresses
2001:0630:0440 0100 - 03ff Server Networks (767)
2001:0630:0440 0400 - 07ff Linknets
2001:0630:0440 0800 - 0fff First unallcated /53 section
2001:0630:0440 f800 - ffff Last unallcated /53 section

It is likely that the first block of server networks (with more memorable and recognisable numbers) will be reserved until we have a clear picture of the eventual allocation strategy for central services.

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