4. Setting up a Broadband Connection

OUCS does not operate a broadband service. To set up a broadband connection, you need to take out a service subscription with one of the commercial broadband service providers. One student comparison site which provides OfCom accredited information is http://www.cable.co.uk/compare/student-broadband/. The same website also provided a student broadband advice guide which maybe of interest. Other sites with similar information include Choose.net and Broadband Genie. Please note we do not endorse these sites and links are provided for information only.

The service provider will usually provide the broadband modem device and software that is required to connect to their service, but you can usually choose to provide your own hardware if you particularly wish to do this.

The cost of a broadband subscription will be determined by the maximum connection speed and the volume of material you wish to download/upload each month. Most service providers will give guidelines on how to calculate a typical month's traffic for your anticipated pattern of usage.

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