5. Accessing Oxford University Services via Broadband

Once you are connected to a broadband service, you can use most of Oxford University's network services in exactly the same way as you would via any other form of connection.

There are, however, two areas where additional steps may be needed:

  • Outgoing Email - email clients on the Oxford network normally have their SMTP outgoing mail server set to smtp.ox.ac.uk. With broadband, you need EITHER:
    • to update your configuration, if necessary, to use the University's authenticated SMTP service - the details are included in the OUCS email configuration web pages , OR
    • to use the SMTP server specified by your internet service provider.
  • Restricted Resources - some resources are restricted to clients having an Oxford University network address. If you try and access them from elsewhere you may get an error message or be prompted for a username and password.

    A solution is to use the OUCS VPN service. in conjunction with your broadband connection, to make it appear that you have an Oxford University network address. Using the VPN service involves registering (from on-campus connection) for an OUCS Remote Access Account via our self registration pages, and then installing the VPN client software (downloadable from anywhere) via the web page at https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/oxonly/downloads/vpn/. Please note that you do not normally need VPN to access library resources such as electronic journal and subscription databases (see library information on remote access for details).

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